E-chain 75 gpd pumps for domestic ro water purifiers

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30 day replacement warranttty on menufectring defect


About this item
100 GPD Heavy Duty Premium RO Booster Pump High-Efficiency Resistance To Acids, Alkalis And Adhesion Easily Fixed Removed Excellent Self-Suction Capability up to 2 Meters RO Booster Motor Pump 100 GPD 5G Series is best suitable for 100/75/80 GPD RO membrane. Use only with 24v power supply SMPS or Adapter, Do not use directly with AC Power Supply.
Built-in Overload Protection and Shockproof, which cuts off when the voltage is above 290V hence protecting the whole unit from Damage.
Can work for Input Power only DC Power 24vdc 30 days replacemet guarantee, to claim warranty please contact our customer support team.
Compatible With All kind of RO Water Purifiers, Assembled And All Other Ro Water Purifiers.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 9 × 9 cm


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