Installation and Uninstallation of Water Purifier

Ensuring the smooth operation of commercial RO systems is essential for businesses relying on purified and clean water. Our comprehensive commercial plant maintenance service is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, ensuring uninterrupted access to clean water. Our experienced technicians conduct regular maintenance visits, including filter replacements, membrane cleaning, system inspections, and water […]

AMC Service for Water Purifiers

RO Dekho’s Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service for water purifiers offers comprehensive coverage to ensure the continuous performance and longevity of your purification system. With our AMC, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your water purifier is well-maintained and functioning optimally throughout the year. Our AMC includes regular maintenance visits by our skilled […]

Commercial Plant Maintenance

Installation and uninstallation of a water purifier are crucial processes to ensure effective operation and maintenance. During installation, RO Dekho’s experienced technicians carefully set up the purifier according to manufacturer guidelines and local plumbing regulations. They assess the optimal location for installation, ensuring easy access to water source and power supply. Once installed, they perform […]